Disney Castle Collection - Launched April 2020 - Still Not Complete


Apr 12, 2017
Beauty and the Beast--we actually have an ongoing thread on this on the Collector's section of the site too. I'm guessing we won't see that until the end of March, just like last year's release schedule.


Sep 14, 2020
The display case was $80 new. Those ebay listings... it's a thought. Edited: I see what you mean... some have sold recently at high prices. Hmm... these display cases are rather huge 14x18, heavy and glass. Costly to ship, difficult to package and prone to breakage. Still, it's an option. Thank you for suggesting.

Taking the advice of mom2rtk, I just went ahead and sent a complaint email to shopDisney guest services basically saying that I'd been suckered into purchasing a limited edition series of 10 that is still incomplete after a year and a half. I requested a refund. (I used much nicer language, obviously). We'll see if I get any response at all.

P.S. I bought 2 of the display cases and 2 each of the 8 pins that were released. Intended as gifts for my daughters. Of course, I never expected I'd be gifting in 2022 or later! LOL
If you ever think about selling one of your display cases, I’m looking for one.


Earning My Ears
Dec 28, 2021
It’s sucks, but you didn’t pre-buy these items so they aren’t holding your money from you or anything horrendous. It’s likely half of these items are still stuck in the Suez Canal lol.
Honestly, owning the collection that was never fully released due to covid is a novelty in itself which makes the value of the items you do have go waaay up which is pretty cool imo!