Disney Genie announcement


Jul 3, 2007
We haven't used Genie+ yet and I'll say, I'm on the fence about purchasing it for a few days for our trip next month.

Question for those who have purchased it. If there was the option to select a return time (similar to FP+) as opposed to having to choose the next available time, would it change your impression of Genie+?

I guess what I'm struggling with as an outsider who has yet to use it is, what is causing people to be on their phones so much more than with FP+? It's a common complaint I'm hearing but I'm trying to figure out what about Genie+ makes this difference? I found with FP+ I was often on my phone, looking for our next FP so am not understanding what the difference is now.

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me understand better!
Perhaps try Genie + for 1-day of the trip and see if it matches with your family's touring style. If it does, wonderful and buy it again. If it does not, you are out $30 or more dollars and you have the experience to know it does not suit you and no more thinking about it in the future (plus you can complain about it - LOL).

That being said, it did NOT work great for us and we much prefer FP+ because we could choose our timeframes for the rides we wanted. The biggest CON we saw was the return times on Genie + were much later in the day for the more popular rides and we do not want to spend all day in the park waiting for a return time.

As for people and smartphones, no idea if Genie + is causing more people to be on them. What I do believe is a significant part of our population have lost the ability to be present and engaged with the people around them because of these "smart" devices. Add to that the apps on them are designed to be addictive and grab the user's attention which means more time for them staring at the phone.

Best of luck with your decision on Genie +!