Update on Southwest woes?

What-r-ya Goofy?

Oct 24, 2007
As an update to the above; we final made it back to Chicago Monday night, 31 hours later than originally scheduled. Our flight home took us through New Orleans with a 1.5 hour layover between plane changes.

I'm not here to bash SW. We have been loyal travelers between Chicago to MCO for over 20 years with absolutely no issues or problems. And SW has generously compensated us for this nightmare. I just wanted to share our experience in hopes that it can be of some help to others.


Nov 6, 2014
Sorry for your long ride home but good tips that may help others. Yes stay close to your phone that way you can make accommodations right away before flights fill up. I was in the airline industry for 15 years so I’ve seen a lot. With a lot of inconsistencies with airlines now it’s good to keep two days open for your trip home instead of one. 😩😀