WDW decorating for my 50th next year

FyrFtr Tony

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May 17, 2020
I have heard some wonderful news that in honor of me turning 50 next year Walt Disney world will be having a celebration and decorating everything for the occasion.......

Yes I have an ego but I don't think they are doing all this is for me. However for those of us born in 1971 and are fans of a certain mouse, a trip next year will be fantastic and memorable. My wife (a former CM) and I have talked about next years trip for a few years now and the fact we can begin the actual planning gives us something to do while sitting in the house. With the start of planning a group trip to the Happiest place On Earth in early summer of 2021 notifications have been sent out and we already have family and friends jumping on board and letting us know they will be attending. I don't know if it is the current world events that planning a trip like this gives something to look forward to or if its the excitement of celebrating a milestone birthday in a place that is as old as you are that you love celebrating the exact same thing. One thing I do know is this Disney fan will be spending time with those people that are important to me in a place that I have been visiting regularly since childhood making memories to last a lifetime......

Stay tuned in for updates and stories as the planning evolves.



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Apr 29, 2009
I will also will be having a milestone birthday next year.... and it will make 50 years of me walking under the train and walking out onto main street, just the sights and sounds, each time I walk under it I feel like the 10 year old little girl seeing it all for the first time. Oops just told my age... Oh well... I still get that same feeling of what magic, and just how special it all is.... Many memories made here, some so special that they take my breath away... some make me laugh hysterically...sooo many wonderful memories...

In 50 years I have visited at least once a year, Florida resident and DH and I have been AP holders, we live in Winter Garden... DH and I go all the time... so I probably have 100's of trips logged.... and we are Bucket listing all 6 parks around the world... So far, Walt Disney World, Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris, we have planned Tokyo Disneyland for this year, but that's all up in the air right now with this mess with the virus... We are suppose to go in mid to late November...still hoping for this...

All this has got me thinking about what I want to do for next year... pixiedust:


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May 21, 2020
This is a wonderful thread to see! I love the DIS Boards and have learned so much from posts here. I will also be turning 50 next year and have been thinking about/talking about my 50th birthday trip constantly. My family gets sick of hearing about it :P Just like the other posters above, I want to be at Disney (and the Contemporary, my favorite, specifically) to celebrate this milestone. We live in NJ and can only get there once a year due to work schedules and family (although there were a few occasions that we made 2 trips in one year, which was very special.) I am hoping to plan my trip as details of the 50th Celebration emerge.


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Oct 20, 2015
I'm a year late and a dollar short 🤣
It runs in the family. My son was 6 months too old to get the $500 stimulus.

Have a Fantastic 50th Birthday Trip you guys! :cake:
Definitely awesome to be celebrating it with WDW.
Even more special after putting the current situation in our rearview mirror.


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Jul 28, 2008
My milestone was this year ( Lord, I am older than WDW! But still a kid at heart. ) and we are planning on going next year for my husbands milestone. We can't wait! Planning is also getting us through the pandemic doldrums.
  • mickeymum13

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    May 5, 2011
    Just finished booking our trip for the 50th. Went for my first time as a 16month old on the 2nd anniversary of MK...64 trips later and we will be there for the 50th. A trip (or two) a year, with my parents, grandparents, girlfriends, husband, babies all the way to now teenage sons! It is my happy place, some of my most magical memories from childhood right up to my proposal happened there and cannot WAIT for the 50th celebration!! Cue happy tears now....:love:

    Happy planning everyone! :wave:


    Jul 31, 2011
    I have a trip for my 50th booked for February, and am looking to be there on the weekend for their 50th.

    For those planning ahead, October 1 2021 falls on a Friday.
  • doombuggy

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    Jun 21, 2001
    Celebrating your birthday at a Disney park is fantastic (I celebrated my 50th at Shanghai DL then went to Tokyo DLR) but it will be extra special for 50 and 50! See you then!