What is the Disney Quick Service Dining Card?


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Aug 24, 2017
We were watching a All Ears video and they were hyping up Swan and Dolphin regarding being the most underrated resort at WDW. So of course I had to go price out a trip for Sept. 2022 to see how affordable they are. While pricing it out a option came up regarding the Dining Card to use at quick service restaurants. Is this new? I know this isn't a Disney owned property, so is that the prerequisite because I switched to a WDW property and the Dining Card didn't show up.


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Jan 5, 2000
I remember I read something about it months ago but can’t remember the specifics. You might want to ask in the Restaurants board, since they seem to know all about any dining discounts!


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Sep 9, 2004
It was only for those that booked a package through Disney at these select non-Disney properties like Swan and Dolphin. Comes up as an option during the checkout process. More gift card than dining plan, but does offer some savings.... if you looking for a package.